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The Benefits of having a School App for Parents

Keeping up to date with what’s happening at school can be challenging for parents, especially when they have their own busy schedules to juggle. In the digital world we live in, many parents are using apps to support their child’s learning and development at school.


“96% of our current app users say having an app improves parental engagement.”


Parental engagement apps are creating a better platform for communication between schools and families. In this article we will go over the benefits of having a school app for parents in more detail.

School App for Parents by ConnectUs has been shown to save schools money and dramatically improve how you communicate with parents, reducing incoming calls and admin time. The platform integrates with your school management system, such as SIMS, RM Integris, and more, so you can also easily control and self manage your app.

We don’t believe communication should be limited to credited text messaging, which is why schools using School App for Parents have the ability to send unlimited messages to all of their contacts. You’ll be able to keep parents updated on timetable changes, reminders of events, days out and after school meetings or even send out surveys! This way parents find it easier to obtain the most important information by simply clicking on the app.

We provide schools with the ability to create a schedule for sending out multiple messages, so that event, trip and after school club reminders can always be sent on time. Additionally, you can send out tailored messages to specific year groups and even individuals, which means that parents don’t get pestered by notifications that aren’t particularly relevant to them. Our app allows you to sync your Google Calendars or Outlook calendar, enabling all your parents to have access to the key information they need at the touch of their fingertips. By linking directly to your website, everyone is informed of any upcoming events or trips.

It’s quick, simple to download and easy to use. School to home communication apps are becoming more important than ever. With blended learning becoming the norm and uncertainty abound, parental engagement and open communications are key to successful teacher – parent relationships… If you’d like to find out more about how School App for Parents can help your school connect with the home, click here.




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