Getting the most from the School App for Parents

A 3-minute video to remind you how to keep connected to parents during COVID-19

Don’t forget, we’re here to support you

If you have the ConnectUs School App for Parents, you have access to unlimited messages to keep teachers in touch with their students, parents and guardians. Because we don’t know how long this remote learning situation will last – we’re helping you to keep the channels of communication open and running as smoothly as possible. The app is ideal for schools to  nurture the virtual learning community.

Whether you’re new to  School App for Parents or if you need a reminder on how to use the app (such as sending messages, images, links, notifications, assignments or surveys) the video above will give you all the pointers you need.

Not yet a ConnectUs School App for Parents Customer?

During this unprecedented time, we want to help you to ensure communications can remain unsullied, this is why we’ve worked with schools to help them launch a complete school-home communication platform, in under 24 hours.

ConnectUs’ School App for Parents is a leading parental engagement service allowing teachers and school administrators to stay in crucial contact with parents, guardians or carers through unlimited messages!

Schools can use the app to:

  • Send unlimited messages and notifications
  • Provide support regular learning activities and assignments
  • Access an easy-to-use Content Management System to manage the app 
  • Can sync with your Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Maintain a flow of communication with parents, guardians and carers
  • Reduce admin duties and incoming calls

All for just £400 per Primary School

Schools are saving money and time when they switch to ConnectUs School app for Parents. For Primary schools an annual subscription is £400 plus VAT . To see how we can help, click the button below to book a call with the team.

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